Salzburg -Austria

3 Nights in Salzburg - The city of Mozart

 - First Overnight in Salzburg. 
After Breakfast full day City Tour including the Fortress Hohensalzburg, and the Castle Hellbrunn with the watergardens.
In the evening Mozart dinner Show or candle light dinner with conzert of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
 - Second Overnight in Salzburg
After breakfast full day tour to Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden and to King Ludwigs Castle Herrenchiemsee.
Click for the route.
 - Back to Austria and third overnight in Salzburg.
After breakfast we leave Salzburg to drive to Vienna. The capital of Austria.
The trip takes us over through the Lakedistrict called Salzkammergut including the places, where the movie Sound of Music was
filmed. On the way we visit the monastary Sankt Florian, where the organist Anton Bruckner is burried. Continuing the ride along
the Danube River passing the Monastery Melk on the way to Vienna. Click for the route.

General information about the city

145.000 habitants - Originally a Celtic settlement and later a Roman trading center called Juvavum, the town developed in the early 8th century. In about 696 St Rupert established a bishopric there, which was subsequently elevated to an archbishopric with authority over the dioceses of Bavaria. Over time the archbishops became increasingly involved in temporal matters and in the 13th century were granted the titles of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire. Wolf Dietrich von Raintenau (1587-1612) was one of the most influential archbishops and instigated the city's baroque reconstruction. In 1816 Salzburg finally became part to Austria under the Habsburgs. During WWII over 40 percent of Salzburg's buildings were destroyed or badly damaged. Historically the economic strength of the city was built on mining, both gold and salt, although salt (the so-called 'white gold') has been more important since Celtic times. Salz is German for salt and Salzburg literally means 'Castle/Fortress of Salt'. Another important factor in Salzburg's preeminence as a modern day tourist mecca was the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1756. Although the city didn't pay too much heed to him back then, his legacy is promoted to within an inch of a snow-dome tourist souvenir these days.


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