Castle Hohensalzburg

Built in 1077 by Prince Gebhard I of Helffenstein during the investiture controversy between the German Emperor Heinrich IV and Pope Gregor. Archbishop Gebhard was forced into exile in 1085, causing his plans to build the stronghold to be carried out by his successors. Today it is considered to be the largest fortification in Europe, covering an area of over 14,000 m. The Fortress is federally owned, although it has been under the Province of Salzburg's administration since 1953. The Fortress' Romanesque walls surround the Great Hall, the living quarters still comprising the main part of the "Hoher Stock" or castle keep. Numerous secondary buildings and a private chapel are part of the fortifications. Hohensalzburg Fortress was newly adapted at the end of the 19th century. It is easily accessed by funicular, installed in 1892, reaching the top in just 1 minute. Colorful events bring new life to the fortress, the romantic courtyard and the bastions all year round.


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