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This is the cheapest way of pick-up Service in Salzburg Austria. All done by english-speaking capdrivers. The rates are for 01 to 08 people driven in cars or confortable minivans managed by Dietmar Klaus Niederkofler. See Salzburgtours for sightseeing.

  • To book Send an e-mail to:

  • Inform: Date, time, destination, name and address of hotel or enterprise, one-way or two-way transfer

  • We confirm your request with Driversname and phonenumber.

  • A gentle driver with your nameboard will pick you up.

Rates for registered destinations:(Choose the villagename to get more information - Please ask for unregistered destinations) List of all registered destinations

Check up the following rates (all in EURO):

Transfer to the Salzburg Festivals

Standard rates for Citytransfers*: € 30,00 Airport to Cityhotel vc/vs Trainstation to Cityhotel vc/vs and Airport to Trainstation vc/vs.


Gas - Liability insurance - 10% VAT -- 60 min. delayed arrival
Street tolls
*Price per Taximeter max. like listed 


Fair price for Salzburg Airport Taxis

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