Brazil has a rich and unique culture. It gathers immigrants of the whole planet. The result is a cheerful and open mind people.
According to researches accomplished with foreign tourists that visited the Country, 97,2% intend to return soon. 
Bahia is perhaps the Brazilian state with the largest number of tourist routes. It’s really difficult to say which one is the more beautiful or attractive.
There are many beaches, rivers, forests, canyons, waterfalls, caves and mountains that give to the tourist the possibility to do what he wants to have fun.                        
Bahia is a paradise for golf players, since it gathers natural beauty, complete hotel infrastructure and excellent fields for the practice of the sport.                                       
The golf has been increasing in Brazil and the Country has fields of international level spread in 12 states. There are fields that stand out for the beauty of the sceneries,
for the good structure and for the diversified natural difficulties.
“1st Bahia Team Challenge” was drawn as a championship of teams with 4 players that follow an itinerary, travelling around the 04 best golf courses in Bahia / Brazil in
the period from (period not defined - we are looking for the Teams and then we discuss the best period to organize) They are 04 complete proofs with training and championship in each one of the courses.   
“1st Bahia Team Challenge” will take place on the following golf courses:  
Sauipe link, Iberostar Praia do Forte, Terravista GC and Comandatuba Ocean Course.

It is certainly an inedited initiative and an extraordinary program for golf players!

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