Nürnberg - Germany

1 Night in Nürnberg

 - One Overnight in Nürnberg. 
After Breakfast depending on the departure time of your flight, I will take you to the Airport Munich. Kiss and fly!!!
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General information about the city

490.000 habitants - Sadly made famous by Hitler, who made it the «ideological city» of the Third Reich and by the eponymous Trials that judged the war crimes perpetrated by the organisations of the Nazi Regime, the capital of Franconia nevertheless has a more cheerful history. The city was at its peak in the 15 and 16C. As the crossroads of commercial routes and window on Franconian craftwork, this was a flourishing business centre, largely due to its toy fair. The particular influence of Nurenberg came in the arts and sciences, particularly with the sculptors Veit Stoss and Adam Krafft, whose works can be found in countless religious buildings and museums, as well as Albrecht Dürer, who profoundly affected German art. The city saw a period of decline with the discoveries of the explorers (new trade routes passed by the Cape of Good Hope) and the European wars of the 17 and 18C. Before the destructions linked to the Second World War, Nurenberg was one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Germany. Its half-timbered bourgeois houses with historiated gables were decorated in a typically Germanic style, that the National Socialist Party used during processions for its September gatherings. Largely restored thanks to period documents, the old town was spared from modern construction projects that developed outside of the city centre.


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