Castle Nymphenburg

This castle was the summer residence of the Prince-electors and kings of Bavaria. The oldest part of the building (1664-1674) was built by Barelli from an Italian model. The Wittelsbachs then made numerous additions. The function room is decorated with rococo stucco and colourful frescos. Rooms are decorated with panelling, tapestries and paintings. The lacquer cabinet and Gallery of the Beauties of Louis I are the most beautiful rooms. The French gardens date back to 1701. There are several pavilions in the gardens - Pogodenburg (built in 1719), Badenburg (1721), Hagdalenenklause (1728) and Amalienburg (1739). With this latter hunting pavilion, Cuvilliès created one of the best examples of rococo architecture. The interior décor is beautiful. In the Mirror Room, in the round, the blue walls and ceiling, silver stucco and paneled mirrors are used to wonderful effect.


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