ead> From Salzburg to Bischofshofen € 90.- for each way by Taxi book here
Salzburg to Bischofshofen Taxi from Salzburg to Bischofshofen
Distance: ca. 50 km / 31 miles
Price: Euro 100,00 for each way
Duration: aprox. 35 min.
Including: Gas-Liability insurance
 - 10% VAT-60 min.delayed arrival
Excluding: Street tolls
To book send e-mail to: dietmar.niederkofler@gmail.com
Inform: Your name and e-mail, date, location and hour of arrival,
Number of flight or train etc. Number of passengers incl.babies
Adress, name and phonenumber of destination
Number of luggages, skies, golfclubs etc.
Or simple send me your phonenumber and I call you back.
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